Project Development

Solid Base

A precise definition of your project's requirements provides the foundation for cost-efficient solution scenarios which are then critical for the progress of the whole project. In this very early stage of the pro­ject, ATESHAN delivers important information, so that you benefit from good advice right from the outset.

Description of Challenges

Implementing a project begins with the planning and the bid invitation. As soon as the bid invitation has been successfully dealt with, preparatory construction measures need to be taken, and the technical and business opportunities and risks have to be assessed. A carefully planned project development stage thus paves the way to the success of your project.

Process Step3

Bidding and Expertise

Process Step3

Accurate Pricing

Selecting the right formwork system is a key factor in obtain­ing a cost-effective construction workflow.

With ATESHAN, realistically and precisely calculated prices, and careful attention to risks, are something you can take for granted.

Finalising the Objectives

The project has been put out to tender and the client is expecting to receive bids for the specified works. Your job is now to draw up bids that are 'just right' from both the technical and business standpoints.

ATESHAN helps you develop the solutions and deploy your resources effectively.

Project Management And Planning

Ideal Planning

To meet the client's expectation that work on the site will move ahead efficiently and safely, thorough and accurate planning is required. Working with ATESHAN means that you have a chosen a dependable, capable partner.

Experts you can trust

In this stage of the project, ATESHAN services help to reduce the amount of planning work you have to carry out on your own, and help you achieve realistic, feasible planning. This leads to fast, safe construction progress.

Process Step3

Manufacture, Implementation and Supervisor Support

Process Step3


After getting the final approval, your project is taken to manufacturing program within the shortest time by our professional staff. Our production line and the raw materials we use are all certificated and each product we manufacture is necessarily passes through quality control before shipment to your worksite.

Implementation and Supervisor Support

The implementation and supervising of the formworks are done within the shortest time at the construction site and your staff is directed by our experts in order to get the utmost efficiency from our systems and minimize the implementation period.

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